Before we dive into the details, here are some key takeaways from Age of Dino, possibly the greatest 4X strategy game you will ever know, and something even bigger.

Dream and dream big, cause why not?

Age of Dino possesses unparalleled competitiveness and is dedicated to setting new standards for the web3 gaming industry.

Fun-first Gameplay

Age of Dino is a pioneering MMO strategy game experience, from stunning visuals and never-seen-before user interfaces to unfaltering social bonds, targeting players that put gameplay and fun in the first place.

The Immersive Blockchain Gaming Experience Captivating Billions

Age of Dino is poised for exponential growth with game playability strategies designed to captivate both veteran players on Web2 platforms and those transitioning into a new era of digital play on Web3, through a strategy anchored by a mobile-first approach that also encompasses multiple platforms.

Sustainable Economy

Our business model leverages a strong token economy with reliable hybrid revenue sources. It emphasizes economic governance rights to key player groups and guilds and supports the in-depth NFT-driven game design from the bottom up.

Token and NFT Interoperability

Age of Dino is set within an exciting AOD ecosystem tethered together through interoperable NFTs in our dinosaur series, which use the same universal governance token.

Joint Efforts of the Best

A top-tier team from the Web3.0 and gaming industries including Netease, Zynga, FunPlus, ByteDance, and so on. Age of Dino is backed by Binance Labs, FunPlus, Xterio, and Imagendary Studios.

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