Mint Opens on Jan. 10, 2024!

Dinosty Traits

  • Total Supply: 5,010

  • Bid & Mint upply: 4,010

  • Reserve: 1,000

  • Core Assets in the AOD Ecosystem (including Age of Dino)

  • Dual-token airdrop & in-game privileges🎁💰🔐

  • Rarity & Class:

A Glimpse of Dinosty

Bid & Mint Rules

Two-round bid with a 4,010 supply.

How to determine the final price?

There's One Final price for all 4,010 NFTs, which is the final bid amount ranking #4010. Claim all your remaining ETH right after the sale!

Is it FCFS?

Mostly No. The final bid price ranking top 4010 will get their Dinosty NFTs.

FCFS rule applies only when the No.4010 price comes to multiple addresses.

Community Round

  • Time: Jan 10th 1:00PM--1:30PM UTC

  • For whom: Whitelist addresses (community backers / Mechpal holders)

  • Bid range: 0.20 - 0.59 eth (Ethereum mainnet).

  • Price for each NFT = price ranking #4010.

Public Round

  • Time: Jan 10th 1:30PM--Jan 11th 1:30AM UTC

  • Bid range: 0.20 - 0.59 eth (Ethereum mainnet).

  • Duration: 12 hrs

  • Price for each NFT = price ranking #4010.

Claim Round

  • Starts in: Right after the Public Bid stage

  • Claim your Dinosty and remaining ETH(=your bid amount - final price), if you're one of the top 4010 bidders.

  • Claim 100% of your ETH deposit, if you fail to get one Dinosty.

  • (No tx fee is charged by Age of Dino or Xterio during the whole process. Just gas.)

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