Age of Dino: The Next-gen Dinosaur-themed 4X Strategy and Blockchain Game.

Age of Dino is a next-generation MMO strategy game that merges elements from Web 3.0 and traditional gaming platforms, positioning itself to attract both veteran players and newcomers transitioning into digital play. Age of Dino's free-to-play-and-own feature enables players to own in-game assets and earnings using blockchain technology for digital collectibles.

4X Gameplay

All players are welcome to a world full of both treasure and danger. They will find scattered resources, mutated dinosaurs, the GeneSys company laboratories plotting against the world, and friendly or hostile players around the globe.

In Age of Dino, players can not only be base constructors, and commanders but also land owners. Apart from building and continually strengthening the base, players can gather together a group of mighty troops led by Dinosaurs and Heroes, and battle for fortune and glory in the vast land, which is also owned by players.

Players can choose to develop on their own, through upgrading the base, mining resources, fighting enemies in the wilderness, and earning rewards. They can also ally with like-minded players. The alliance can provide players with protection and resources, and fight against evil GeneSys companies and other players together in various game events and battle modes.

Premier Quality

From Day 1, Age of Dino has been created to be of premier quality in terms of both gameplay and visual experience. The design is backed up by Imagendary Studios.

MMO with Rich Social Features

Age of Dino brings the MMO social experience to another level by introducing several immersive ways of player interaction.

  • Alliances. Alliance members will work together in various group plays including seizing government facilities, competing in Alliances Wars for bonuses, and winning honorary NFTs.

  • Leaderboards. The "Endless Challenge" mode further entertains and incentivizes Dinosaur owners. The number of levels that have been cleared will be recorded in the leaderboard, and players at the top will get generous rewards.

  • Weekend Field Exercise. In the "Weekend Field Exercise” mode, players that have killed troops of others up to an amount get an efficiency buff. This mode increases the intensity of competition between players and leads to a greater loss of troops.

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