GamePhilos, the studio behind Age of Dino, has raised $8 million in its previous funding round.

Binance Labs is one of the major shareholders of Age of Dino. Age of Dino is set to be deep-rooted in the Binance ecosystem and has conducted in-depth cooperation with opBNB. The opBNB blockchain is an important component of the multi-chain deployment strategy of Age of Dino.

FunPlus supports the Age of Dino with its game development technologies, systematic balance design, and global publishing. As the best 4X strategy game developer and publisher globally, FunPlus will support the realization of the vision of Age of Dino, a blockchain-based 4X strategy game, through finance, technology licensing, central services, and so on.

Xterio led the previous round of fundraising for Age of Dino and is promoting it as its flagship title by providing all sorts of support from early-stage investment, blockchain technology services, and Web3 user acquisition. Xterio is a free-to-play-and-own gaming and game publishing platform. Founded by a collective of elite professionals spanning the realms of gaming, tech, and entertainment.

The art guidance of Age of Dino and NFTs design is backed up by Imagendary Studios, a studio founded in January 2021 by a global team of award-winning AAA veterans from some of the video game industry’s most recognized studios. The studio is led by Wei Wang, former chief artist of Blizzard who created the art of Diablo 2 and other famous titles of Blizzard.

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