A New Era of Prehistoric Lifes

In the year 2031, the huge amber dinosaur mine was discovered, and human basic science research broke through the bottleneck with continuous accumulation and entered an explosive development stage. Wood funded the establishment of the Dawn Laboratory, which focuses on paleontological research. With his support, the young Dr. Gibbs made important breakthroughs in the field of decoding and reconstructing genes belonging to prehistoric life. They finally successfully restored the raptor based on the dinosaur genes extracted from amber, thereby demonstrating the beautiful prospect of using the genes of these prehistoric lives to make the world better.

Dr. Gibbs' outstanding business vision and social responsibility made him a rising star of the era, and a large number of investors and scientific researchers poured into Dawn Laboratory. Since then, Dawn Laboratory has rapidly expanded in scale and established its own branches all over the world. Products related to the engineering of prehistoric life were successively introduced to the world on a widespread scale. The yields of new types of crops, which had their genes modified with prehistoric life genes, significantly increased. A collection of Mesozoic-era plants was so popular that it swept through the globe as a must-have horticultural product. However, the sensation that shocked the world most was a zoo exclusively filled with Model I dinosaurs that had been cloned from Mesozoic-era genes. By introducing world-changing biological products one after another, Gibbs received heaping praise from people all over the world, as though he was to lead the world into the future.

The Start of Calamity

"Highly-Adaptable Ferns" were astonishingly resilient life—they multiplied at exponential speeds and their frenzied growth was completely uncontrollable. As a result, nations across the globe sounded the alarm in quick succession and warned of its intrusion. In just a few years, the rapid growth of these ferns caused them to encroach into a large majority of farmlands and meadows, which drastically changed the global climate and environment. The world sank into an unmitigated food shortage, one which governments and scientists were powerless against.

Chaos and turmoil began to rapidly spread across the globe. When the various global superpowers became mired by civil unrest, Dr. Gibbs showed his true colors. He had been secretly creating a legion of zealous workers and was now releasing enhanced Model II dinosaurs. Plagued by civil unrest and foreign attacks, the world's territories were occupied one by one. Eventually, modern civilization and social order collapsed. The Dawn Lab became known as the "Grim Dawn".

The Great Evolution Plan

Dr. Gibbs loved dinosaurs to a fanatical degree and believed that the accidental extinction of dinosaurs was the greatest regret in world history. He firmly believed that Mammalia, the class that humans originate from, was unable to break through the "Great Filter" mentioned in the Fermi Paradox due to the limitations in their body structures. Therefore, the only way to break Earth's civilization free of its restrictions of the solar system was to "reverse" modern civilization back to the Cretaceous period by reintroducing dinosaurs to the world and allowing them to participate in the evolution process. He called this process the "Great Evolution Plan".

Dinosaur Crisis

While people around the world were concentrating on solving the environmental problems caused by "Highly-Adaptable Ferns", another crisis broke out. The dinosaurs in the Grim Dawn base rioted, and the restored dinosaurs had properties that humans had not expected. With their wisdom, they will act collectively in an organized and strategic manner. In the end, they broke through the defense line of the base and countless dinosaurs escaped. Uncontrolled dinosaurs caused huge disasters, and many areas were severely damaged, making things worse. The main base of Grim Dawn was completely destroyed, and Gibbs was seriously injured. In order to survive, he underwent body modification, so his temperament changed drastically and became more extreme.

After the Crisis

However, even after experiencing huge disasters, humans and other animals have not given up hope of survival. Some humans retreated to Australia, the continent entirely surrounded by water. There, they concentrated their firepower and prepared to defend against the aerial threats posed by the Pterosaurs. As for the people who could not be admitted to the Australian sanctuary or those who were unwilling to give up on their homelands, they formed numerous skirmish defense squads, which they named "Riders". Riders lacked firepower and were only able to adapt to environmental changes due to their breathing masks.

Dr. Gibbs comes back with the Grim Dawn. The dark clouds hanging overhead never seem to dissipate, but life will always find its own way out at all costs. This is where the war song composed by the resistance begins.

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