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It bears a close resemblance to a rhinoceros, with three horns in the front of the head and a bony plate stretching back around its neck to form a neck shield. It was transformed into a dinosaur-type "shield machine."


A large herbivorous dinosaur. Characterized by its slender neck and tail that looks much like a hanging bridge, it's the longest creature in the world.


It has a stout build characterized by a whole row of triangular bony plates on its back. This dinosaur has become the most smuggled dinosaur because of the pattern on its plates.


A flying reptile that has very keen eyesight. It is capable of long-time gliding with air flows and consumes only one kilogram of fish over ten kilometers. Now it is an important force for aerial reconnaissance.


A large carnivorous dinosaur with sail-like long spines on its back. These dinosaurs are excellent swimmers, but a large number of them escaped into the ocean after the Dinosaur Crisis and remained a threat till today.


Tyrannosaurus, or T-Rex, is one of the largest predators on land. It's the perfect killing machine with the most powerful bite and stays at the top of the food chain.


It is a good runner with a relatively smaller build. As the first dinosaur recovered, this high-speed slayer is very smart.


A large herbivorous dinosaur. It has huge forelimbs and a long giraffe-like neck and is the tallest dinosaur in the world. It can mount massive weapons.


A large carnivorous dinosaur. It has stubby forelimbs and spiky teeth and boasts extraordinary stamina and strength. Its aggressive creature allowed itself to enter the List of Extremely Dangerous Dinosaurs.


It has scythe-shaped front claws and chromatic feathers. This agile dinosaur preys with its sharp claws, and remember never to take it lightly because of its smaller size!


A rapid carnivorous dinosaur. The two colorful, irregular-shaped crowns on its head are roughly tomahawk-shaped, but they are only for display.


It has spikes resembling a bull's horns on its head and stout, powerful hindlimbs. The creature is the fastest runner among large carnivorous dinosaurs.


A large herbivorous dinosaur. Its head is very tough with a thick skull resembling a safety helmet, which looks a little bit funny.


Its head bears a close resemblance to parrot's and its forelimbs and tail are covered with feathers. However, it's carnivorous, and despite the common myth, Oviraptor is not an egg thief!


A member of the Hadrosauridae family, it is famous for the large and slender crest on its head. This dinosaur can walk on four legs or run on hindlimbs, and it has become the backbone of infrastructure development.


A bulky, clumsy dinosaur fully covered in hard scales with a spindle-shaped tail. It possesses strong defensive and offensive capabilities.


A herbivorous dinosaur. It has a duck-like face and a high helmet-like protrusion on the top of its head that looks like a nurse's cap.


A dinosaur with a long bony frill. Its stout limbs and heavy build provide a good cover against heavy firepower.


A small herbivorous dinosaur. Its unique features include a huge beak and a camouflage skin that blends in with its surroundings. Its keen eyesight makes it a born scout.


It has a bulky body and a bulging nose. Each year, it migrates from one place to another. The habit remains unchanged today, and now due to that, this dinosaur has been used as a supply carrier.


A tall, herbivorous dinosaur with thick and sturdy limbs. It moves in stable paces with its low center of gravity.

Dark Lord

A new dinosaur created by humans. The detailed information on it is missing, but it is undoubtedly a perfect fight machine with incredible power and endurance.

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