General Intro

  • Governance token among AOD ecosystem

  • Limited supply

  • Supply management and community sentiment (backed by the income from Age of Dino)

In-game Utility

  • Upgrade your Design Studio & Dino Miner

  • Get Cosmetics NFT to decorate & upgrade your Land

  • Turn your in-game dinosaurs into dinosaur NFTs (not Dinosty)


Holders of $AOD possess governance rights across the entire AOD ecosystem, encompassing both broader ecosystem development and individual games. In Age of Dino, this governance takes place through the in-game VIP system, while other games may implement alternative methods such as DAO or councils. The reasoning behind this design is that in-game decision-making affects both the economic aspect and the gaming experience. As such, it is important to consider both $AOD holdings and "proof-of-play" elements, which are represented in the VIP system, together.

Voting topics include:

  • UGC Game Art

  • Key modifications to balance system specifications

  • Significant gameplay proposals

  • Introducing new ecosystem games

  • More topics to be added in the future

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