Each player has a headquarters, which hosts various buildings. It takes time and certain resources to upgrade buildings. The buildings in Age of Dino and their functions are shown in the table below.



The core building and the basis for all other buildings’ upgrades.

The level of the Headquarter influences the troop capacity, the monster level in the wild, and upper limit of the level of other buildings.

Material Workshop

Used for the production of basic materials.

By upgrading the Material Workshop, players can increase the material production speed.

Energy Generator

Used for the production of produce energy.

By upgrading the Energy Generator, players can increase the energy production speed.

Ammo Factory

Used for the production of ammunition.

By upgrading the Ammo Factory, players can increase the ammunition production speed.

Gas Factory

Used for the production of gas.

By upgrading the Gas Factory, players can increase the gas production speed.


The hospital can accommodate and treat wounded soldierss.

By upgrading the Hospital, it can accomodate more wounded soldiers.

Enlistment Camp

Used for recover reservists.

Building more Enlistment Camps or upgrading them to higher level can increase reservists’ recovery speed.


Warehouses protect resources from enemy looting. Its capacity also influence the loading capacity when selling goods at the trader center.

Upgrading the Warehouse increase its capacity.

Beast Compound

The home the beasts (dinosaurs).

Upgrading the Beast Compound can increase the upper limit of the domination level.


Beasts can station the wall to assist the denfense of base.

When the defense value of the wall is 0, the base will be forced to relocate.


The place to train infrantries.

Upgrading the Barracks unlocks more powerful nfrantries.


The place to train long-range soldiers.

Upgrading the Range unlocks more powerful long-range soldiers.


In the Paddock players can train dinosaur cavalries, like the heavy triceratops with machine guns and light raptors with lightning speed.

Upgrading the Paddock unlocks more powerful dinosaur calvalries.

Research Lab

In the Research Lab players can research on advanced technology, which will assist combat and development.

Upgrading the Research Lab unlocks more powerful technology.

Radar Station

Radar Station detects the enemy's situation.

Upgrading the Radar Station gives players more detailed enemy information.


The Embassy can accommodate reinforcements sent by allies.

War Room

A War Room allows players to initiate a gathering.

Upgrading the War Room inceases the capacity of gatherings.

Mess Hall

The place where commanders can relax themselves, play some gams, and get generous rewards.

Drill Grounds

In the parade ground, players can view their troops.


Construction Plant

Used for manufacturing construction materials.

Upgrading the Construction Plant unlock construction materials of higher levels.


There are many ways that players can choose to improve their strength, such as building barracks to train soldiers, recruiting heroes and cultivating them, and upgrading the research lab to develop technology. Players can also create commander equipment and badges with beneficial effects for themselves. In the game, there are more development contents waiting for players to explore.


Dinosaurs are essential elements of the game. Dinosaurs can greatly strengthen your troops in battles, and increase resources that can be obtained. Players can upgrade dinosaurs with various resources obtained in the game to make their dinosaurs more valuable.

Several kinds of resources are also essential for players to conduct any of the actions above, namely building, training, and researching. These resources will be obtainable in multiple ways, including in-city construction production, wilds gathering, and mission rewards.

Players can send troops along the trail of the explorer to explore the unknown wilderness. There are several expeditions with different trials for players to choose from, where they can challenge the enemy patrols and learn more about Dr. Gibbs’s insidious plan.

After successfully completing each exploration challenge, players can collect rewards and continue to the next challenge. Players consume stamina for exploration and get gold as a reward. Bonus sets and equipment chips can be used to enhance the performance of the troops and increase the reward.


Players have a variety of fighting methods to verify their strength, which can be between individuals or alliances. By matching different heroes and dinosaurs, players can obtain different attribute gains, which also makes the fighting content in the game richer.

Dinosaur Egg Hatcher

At the same time, the game also provides players with the option of minigame. In the game, players can obtain dinosaurs of different kinds and qualities by "Dinosaur Egg Hatcher". This gameplay is simple but very interesting. More minigames are being designed and will be opened in the form of activities during the subsequent operation.

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